Innovative 3D Architectural Rendering & Modeling- F13
Instill Confidence
in your project
Instill Confidence
in your project

Innovative Visualization Studio

Specialization in Architectural Photorealism

Architectural Visualization

Digitally realizing your unique architectural vision. Combining analytical and artistic expertise, we create highly refined 3D imagery for concept driven architectural and real estate development professionals. We provide superior care and powerful deliverables, that exceed client expectations.



2D or 3D views of the architectural environments that are similar to photographic stills empower our clients to visualize their concepts from schematic design to photorealistic imagery. We got our start in this realm over 20 years ago enabling us to become true experts.



Telling a story by way of a tour of the project is this medium’s strength. An animation can consist of one to many camera paths that can bring a project to life for even the untrained eye.


Virtual Reality

This is the newest and sexiest way to visualize architectural design in a virtual world where you feel like you are in the scene and can therefore move throughout the environment . It provides the impression of being in the lived environment.



F13 helped us turn our concept into a reality, and we couldn't be more pleased with their work and attention to detail. I highly recommend them.

I have used F13 on many projects over the years and every time, his thoughtful attention to detail, exceeds my expectations in making our designs come to life.

We are extremely pleased with the work F13 has done for us. We appreciate their very responsive and collaborative approach and willingness to always go the extra mile to make sure their renderings capture our vision of the project.

Working with Mike Secrist at F13 Design Studio is not only inspiring, but impactful with our clients. His uncanny ability to bring our designs to the 3-dimensional rendered world is amazing.

F13 was extremely responsive to all of our feedback throughout the process and delivered an exceptional product under a tight timeline. The presentation package was very well received by the client, with F13’s rendering being the show stopper.