Process - Architectural 3D Rendering


The design experience will warrant great results. Our design process is proven to deliver the most accurate and precise representations of our client’s vision.


Request a Quote

The first step of this process is to provide us as much information as possible about your project. We will assess your assets in order to provide an accurate quote. From pencil sketches to 3D Models, we will work with whatever you have to produce high quality CGI.

The proposal stage includes:



We will contact you via email or phone in order to ensure that we have a complete understanding of the project intent and to set expectations on both sides.



Within the proposal, all details of our efforts from start to finish will be presented clearly to ensure that you have no surprises from us along the way.  The proposal will be sent to you within 24 hours after our conversation.



After the proposal has been reviewed and approved, your signature and deposit will be required in order for the contract to become binding.  We will begin work once the contract becomes official.


3D Massing/Modeling

We will use your 2D and/or 3D information to create a basic 3D Massing. This includes minimal to no texturing. This is the stage where we determine camera views and angles that will best showcase the project and portray the project’s intent. These views are approved by you, the client, before we proceed. For animations, this is where we discuss specific camera paths via storyboarding or floor plans.

Next Step

Texturing, lighting, and entourage all occur in this next step. All play a significant role in bringing your project to life.



Preliminary rendering passes will be provided to you for review. This is where we can make necessary changes before final renderings are created in the required size.


Applying Textures

It is important for the textures to be as precise as possible in order for the visualization to appear realistic. There are vast differences in the methods of execution. From tangible samples to style names and numbers for specific manufacturers, we are able to ensure that each texture applied closely depicts the same physical characteristics as the actual brick, carpeting, hardwood, and metal paneling to name a few.




The two aspects of lighting requiring our attention are manufactured and natural lighting. For manufactured lighting, having the specific vendor and IES file is always best, but we can also compute lights that closely represent the intended light source. Natural lighting is a work of art in itself. It conveys mood and drama. Most often you will tell us the time of day and weather conditions preferred and leave the rest to us.




Components such as trees, landscaping, cars and people are added as well.



Rendering Size

Please note that any rendering size greater than 3600 pixels x 2400 pixels will affect cost.


Post Production

Final touches to the rendering occur in this last stage to include color correction and other variables prior to delivery.




Upon delivery, the final invoice will be emailed to you to be paid within 30 days.

Working with F13 Design Studio is a straightforward, transparent process. The first step is requesting a quote.